Aarron Lambo Net Worth 2023 – Bio, Age, Height, Relationship

Meet the man behind Mental Hamster Gymnasium, Aarron Lambo, an online celebrity and well-known British bodybuilder who has earned popularity and a net worth of £2.5 million through his love for fitness and bodybuilding. 

This article aims to give you an overview of this fitness enthusiast’s career path to stardom and explain how he reached it.

What is Aarron Lambo’s Net Worth? 

Approximately £2.5Aarron’son’sAarron’s projected net worth by 2023; however, as he makes money from other sources, this figure may change over time.

He also offers online coaching, workout routines, specific diets for clients trying to achieve their fitness goals, and managing the Mental Hamster Gymnasium. As a result of his social media presence on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, he can benefit from partnerships and advertising. This must have resulted in Lambo earning more income.

Yearly Earnings, Monthly Income, and Salary

Aarron Lambo is keeping his monthly income and other financial details private. He is probably paid a substantial monthly and yearly salary for his fitness-related job, partnership deals, and social media advertising.

Aarron Lambo

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Early Life  

Aarron Lambo was born in the East Midlands of England on March 12, 1990. His brother-in-law gifted him 1990s fitness magazines that inspired him to pursue his goals at an early age.

At age 15, Aarron started working on his motivation by lifting weights in the gym. When he was younger, he encountered difficulties, such as trouble with the law, but he never let that stop him. At 16, he competed in local bodybuilding contests and won several teenage-category competitions.

At 17, he decided to own his gym and began working toward that goal. After achieving his goal of owning Mental Hamster Gymnasium in 2012 at 22, Aarron Lambo achieved his dream.

Aarron Lambo’s Professional Life

At a young age, Aarron participated in and won several bodybuilding competitions, making his professional life revolve around the fitness industry. Aarron Lambo, the winner of Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, also gained recognition for his flawless body and success in various competitions.

Aarron Lambo opened Alpha Training in 2012, which has now been rebranded as Mental Hamster Gymnasium. Alpha Training has since become a focus for all of his business pursuits.

Lambo and his brother’s brother’s initiative in 2014 to promote their sports supplements led to Lambo Brothers Limited’s establishment. This online store sells sports supplements made by Aaron and his brother Harrie. It has expanded to include other locations selling sports supplements, gym equipment, and a premium exercise facility.

His social media accounts were filled with controversial videos in 2015, which led to him gaining more followers and becoming more popular.

As a result of their business rebranding to “Mental Hamster” in 2018, the company originally known as Alpha Training was renamed “Mental Hamster.” The company has since expanded into several ventures, such as the Sexy Monkey Bar and Mental Security.

Aarron Lambo

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Relationship Status

There are no details about Aarron’s relationship status, and whether he is married or dating anyone is unclear.

Aaron Lambo’sLambo’s Age, Height, and Weight

It is not known at present how much weight Aarron Lambo weighs. The 33-year-old stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds.

Quick Information About Aarron Lambo

Real NameAaron Lambo
Nick NameMr. Olympia and Mr. Universe
ProfessionBodybuilder and Entrepreneur
Net Worth£2.5 million
Height5 feet and 5 inches
Number of ChildrenUnavailable

Personal Details

Email AddressNot available
Phone NumberNot available
Discord or TelegramNot available
FacebookNot available
LinkedinNot available
SnapchatNot available


He overcame obstacles as a teenager and used his passion for fitness to launch a successful fitness career. His journey from an early age to his current position as a fitness industry influencer reveals his dedication and determination. 

Several lucrative business activities, such as his gym “Mental Hamster Gymnasium,” have helped him accumulate a net worth of £2.5 million.

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