Bee D’Vine Net Worth 2023 – Bee D’Vine Shark Tank Update

Having been valued at $3.7 million on Shark Tank, the company is currently valued at $1.2 million. An Ethiopian heritage and an unwavering commitment to sustainability are at the center of Bee D’Vine’s roots, founded in 2009 by Ayele Solomon. 

Discover how a boutique honey wine venture emerged as a Shark Tank sensation, overcoming challenges, achieving sales growth, and reaching global markets.

Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Net Worth

When Bee D’Vine Honey Wine appeared on Shark Tank in 2020, it was valued at $3.7 million. The company’s founder was seeking a $750,000 investment, or 20% stake, in the business. There have been fluctuations in Bee D’Vine’s net worth since then. 

One source estimates that its value is around $1.2 million as of 2023. These figures can fluctuate as a result of changes in sales, expenses, investments, and valuations over time. Due to these fluctuations, Shark Tank’s initial valuation may not reflect the current state accurately. Several trustworthy sources are recommended to get the most accurate picture.

About The Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Company

Founding and Inspiration

As a child in the Bay Area, Ayele Solomon was exposed to wine through his family’s vineyard. Bee D’Vine Honey Wine was founded in 2009 by Ayele Solomon. 

With inspiration from Ethiopia’s honey wine tradition (t’ej), Ayele developed a unique honey wine from locally sourced honey from Sonoma Valley, as well as contributing to the conservation of the environment and supporting indigenous communities.

Early Funding and Development

As a young entrepreneur, Ayele kickstarted Honey Wine Company with a $600,000 investment and the support of his family and friends. The funds were crucial to the research, development, and set up of production facilities.

Crafting the Unique Honey Wine

In contrast to traditional mead, Bee D’Vine honey wine has a unique process that allows the wine to mature in barrels for over 15 months using only raw local honey and pure spring water. Honey wines from this brand are available in several styles, including Brut, Demi-Sec, grape and sparkling honey wines.

Net Worth Bee D'Vine

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Commitment to Sustainability and Giving Back

As an organization committed to environmental responsibility, Bee D’Vine prioritizes sustainable practices and collaborates with the Kafa community in Ethiopia, which promotes forest conservation and modern beekeeping. Every sale contributes to these initiatives, helping indigenous habitats and livelihoods.

Recognition and Overcoming Challenges

Its innovative honey wine approach gained Bee D’Vine notable recognition. In 2020, Shark Tank featured Bee D’Vine, which catapulted its popularity and increased sales. $750,000 for 40% equity validated the company’s future prospects. Ayele adjusted prices based on feedback from sharks, making his products more accessible.

Post-Shark Tank Achievements

A subscription model with free wine glasses per shipment was introduced to Bee D’Vine following Shark Tank. There were shortages due to publicity generated by the show, but Bee D’Vine quickly restocked and achieved $1 million in sales within weeks.

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Distinctive Experience and Future

Its commitment to quality and purpose makes Bee D’Vine Honey Wine a distinctive wine experience, blending tradition, sustainability, and community involvement.

Key Company Details

Business NameBee D’vine Honey 
Business TypeFermented Honey Drink
StatusIn Business
Company TypePrivate
IndustryFood & Beverages
Founded bySolomon Ayele
Founded in2009
Based inSan Francisco, California, USA
ProductHoney Wine
Email AddressNot Found 
Phone Number+1 415 644 8607
Top CompetitorsEtowah Meadery, BeeCraft Mead Company, Humble Bee Wines, Rosewood Winery, Wild Boom Meadery.

Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Offerings

Setting Bee D’Vine Apart

Pure ingredients and sustainable practices distinguish Bee D’Vine from the diverse mead market.

Unique Wine-Making and Flavors

With its raw honey and spring water, Bee D’Vine Honey Wine redefines wine-making in the Sonoma Valley. This winery produces barrel-aged honey wine utilizing local raw honey and spring water. The winery also offers grapes and sparkling honey wines. It has Brut (crisp, dry, complex) as well as Demi-Sec (sweet, fruity, light).

Taste and Pairing

Honey wines from Bee D’Vine have a floral and earthy bouquet. Demi-sec has a higher honey content, while Brut has a smaller honey content. These wines pair well with a wide variety of foods and are suitable for various celebrations.

Packaging and Pricing

Bee D’Vine offers 375ml, 750ml, and 3-liter bottles, with exclusive wines for members. These options start at $10 for the 375ml bottle and go up to $349 for the 3-liter.

Availability and Reach

Its commitment to sustainability and community support extends to Japan, the Philippines, and Europe, where Bee D’Vine is available through its official website or

Quick Product Overview 

Primary IngredientRaw honey and pure spring water
Available asBrut and Demi-Se
Priced between$10 – $349
Available in 375ml and 750ml bottles, limited edition 3-liter size
Available atCompany’s store and Amazon

About the Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Founder

It is his Ethiopian roots and the grape-growing tradition in his family that inspire Ayele Solomon, founder of Bee D’Vine Honey Wine. The father’s boutique vineyard in California’s Livermore Valley introduced him to grape wine when he was twelve years old, when he moved to the Bay Area. 

The Kafa rainforest in Ethiopia was the result of Ayele’s journey as a Natural Resource Development major at Michigan State University and Environmental Economics degree from University of California, Berkeley. In the forest, Ayele recognized the potential for honey production, which sparked his interest in developing honey wine. 

Once back in California, he worked with winemakers, chemists, and beekeepers to create Bee D’Vine Honey Wine. The company’s vision was shaped by his experience in environmental economics as well as his commitment to sustainability. 

In order to create Bee D’Vine’s unique product, Ayele combined his passion for conservation and winemaking by using locally sourced honey and pure spring water as their primary ingredients. In Season 12, Ayele secured an investment deal with Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, Daniel Lubetzky, and Mark Cuban when he appeared on Shark Tank. 

The sharks showed their belief in Ayele’s innovative honey wine concept by investing $750,000 for 40% equity. Despite the lack of specific information on Ayele Solomon’s net worth, he is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million in 2023 based on his success with Bee D’Vine and commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Quick Personal Info

Real NameAyele Solomon
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Ethiopia 
ProfessionCEO and Founder
Net Worth$2 Million
ParentsFather: Solomon; Mother: Unknown
Email AddressNot Found
Phone NumberNot Found
WebsiteNot Found
SnapchatNot Found
TikTokNot Found


Upon its Shark Tank debut, Bee D’Vine Honey Wine was valued at $3.7 million, launching on an extraordinary journey. In pursuit of a $750,000 investment for 20% equity, founder Ayele Solomon sparked a wave of recognition and sales. There will, however, be fluctuations in net worth, and estimates in 2023 hover around $1.2 million. 

There are several factors that can influence these numbers. As well as being rooted in Ethiopian tradition, the company is committed to sustainability. Bee D’Vine stands as a testament to innovation and environmental responsibility, owing to Ayele’s upbringing in California vineyards and his visionary approach to creating honey wine. 

While Bee D’Vine struggled with pricing challenges after its Shark Tank appearance, it adapted to consumer preferences and expanded its reach, overcoming them. Despite initial stock shortages, the introduction of a subscription model and a surge in sales secured Bee D’Vine’s post-show success. 

Today, Bee D’Vine thrives as a private company, with an array of unique honey wines that continue to captivate palates. As Bee D’Vine Honey Wine forged its way into the honey wine industry with its focus on quality, sustainability, and community involvement, the future looks promising.

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