Bill Holtzman Net Worth 2023 | Age, Height, Weight, Wife

Bill Holtzmans helms a proprietary conglomerate. His diverse portfolio includes ventures in the fuel, propane, and gasoline sectors. Recognized as a thriving entrepreneur, his ventures have significantly bolstered his coffers. This piece will provide a closer look at Holtzmans’ financial portfolio, personal aspects, and other lesser-known facets.

What is Bill Holtzman’s Net Worth?

Bill Holtzman presides over the HOLTZMAN CORP, which focuses on fuel, propane, and associated ventures. Current estimates place his net worth at an impressive $100 million. Beyond being a successful businessman, Holtzman takes immense pride in his family ties and personal achievements.

A keen eye for business expansion, he’s always seeking avenues for growth, ensuring his family’s security. Known for his philanthropy, Holtzman frequently lends a helping hand to the needy, further solidifying his position as a community pillar.

YearNet WorthGrowth Rate
2022$100 Million17.64%
2021$85 Million30.76%
2020$65 Million30%
2019$50 MillionN/A

Bill Holtzman’s Income Analysis

With an annual earning of approximately $5 million, Bill enjoys a daily income of around $13,000. His financial acumen has paved the way for a luxurious lifestyle. Always hungry for the next big opportunity, he remains vigilant for prospective investments, signaling a prosperous future.

Net Worth of Bill Holtzman
  • Annual Income: $5 Million
  • Monthly Income: $416k
  • Daily Income: $13K

Early Life & Family

Holtzmans’ birth was into a family of affluence. Business and innovation caught his interest from a tender age. His entrepreneurial journey kickstarted during his university days. Today, he’s counted among the globe’s wealthiest. However, his affluence hasn’t swayed his grounded nature. A fervent believer in the essence of family, Holtzmans opines that it’s life’s cornerstone. A doting husband and father, he enjoys the serenity of his luxurious abode.

Bill Holtzman Wife

The bond shared between Bill Holtzmans and his spouse, Jill Vogel, is profound. Their journey, dotted with trials and triumphs, has only strengthened their union. Their relationship serves as a beacon for enduring love and mutual respect.


A man of significant means, Holtzmans pursued his undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University, later advancing to a master’s from a prestigious institution. Despite his affluence, his inclination towards philanthropy is evident. He has inaugurated a scholarship initiative, aimed at aiding budding business enthusiasts, covering their academic expenses for a period.

Professional Life

Bill Holtzmans, a renowned entrepreneur, oversees a private conglomerate encompassing fuel, propane, and other ventures, including gas stations. His ascent in the business world is attributed to relentless determination and meticulous planning. An epitome of the American dream, Holtzmans’ principles and ethos center around family and community welfare. His altruistic tendencies have endeared him to many, making him a quintessential American success saga.

Bill Holtzman Net Worth

Age, Height, Weight

Currently 88, Holtzmans carries an impressive stature of 5 feet 6 inches, tipping the scales around 95 kg. Despite his age, he’s actively engaged in both his professional and personal realms. His better half, an accomplished businesswoman herself, complements him perfectly, with both supporting each other’s endeavors.

Quick Info

Real NameBill Holtzman
Nick NameBill Holtzman
Age88 Years
SpouseJill Vogel
ChildrenInformation Unavailable
ParentsData Not Disclosed
Contact & SocialsWebsite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn


With a net worth approaching $100 million, Bill Holtzmans stands as a business luminary. His professional pursuits and judicious investments have played pivotal roles in accumulating this wealth.

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