Brett Jefferson Net Worth 2023 | Age, Height, Weight & Personal Life

Brett Jefferson is the boss, helps make investment decisions, and started Hildene Capital Management LLC. He played a big part in making Hildene successful. Many people want to hear Brett talk about the markets, and his ideas have helped many people reach their money goals. Today, we will learn about how much money Brett Jefferson has, his age, how tall he is, how much he weighs, who his wife is, and other secret facts.

How Much is Brett Jefferson’s Net Worth?

Brett Jefferson is the boss, helps make investment decisions, and started Hildene Capital Management LLC. He has about 9.6 million dollars.

He is a good businessperson with a history of doing well in the money business. He loves helping people make more money and reach their money goals. He often talks about how important it is to learn about money. He also likes to give money to help different things he cares about.

YearAmount (in millions)Growth Percentage

Brett Jefferson’s Annual Income, Monthly Earnings, and Salary

Brett Jefferson is a successful business leader who makes about 480,000 USD annually. This means he earns roughly 40,000 USD monthly and almost 1,300 USD daily.

Jefferson is the boss and co-head of investments at his company, which he started. He’s well-liked in the business community and is famous for making good investments and smart business choices. Jefferson made his success on his own through lots of hard work. He shows others that anyone can reach their goals if they work hard and don’t give up.

  • Income for the whole year – $480k
  • Money earned each month – $40k
  • Amount made daily – $1.3k

Beginnings and Family Background

Brett Jefferson grew up with parents who always told him to chase his dreams. Even when he was little, Brett loved learning about investing and starting businesses.

He worked hard to get better at these things when he was young. By the time he was about twenty, he had already made his own successful company for investing. Brett’s done well with money and lives a good life. But he’s still a regular guy who always tries to help other people reach their money goals.

Brett Jefferson

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Life Partner

Brett Jefferson and his wife Samaria are very close. They always help each other out, no matter what happens in life. They’ve faced many things together, making them even stronger. They’re each other’s best friends and love each other very much. They wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Academic Background

Brett Jefferson is very smart and uses what he knows to do well in business. He finished his degree at Northwestern University and got a higher degree from Syracuse University. He’s always done well in school, getting good marks and doing great in his classes.

But what makes him special is how good he is at business and starting new things. He started a company called Hildene Capital Management LLC, which helped it grow. He shows how learning can help you do better in your job and your life.

He did well in school, getting top marks and joining many after-school clubs. But when he finished school, it was hard for him to get a job because of how things are with money. Ultimately, he made his own company for investing, and it’s been doing well.

Career Journey

Brett Jefferson, the boss’s main investment manager, started Hildene Capital Management LLC. He’s put in a lot of effort to reach his current position. He began at Hildene Capital Management LLC, and over time, he became a member of the board and a top manager for the company’s investments.

He is well-liked in the money business, and many people ask for his help and knowledge. He works hard and is proud of what he does, always trying to do the best job for the people he works for.

He knows a lot about buying and selling things and is always searching for new ways to make his collection bigger. He is a real expert at his job, and the people he works for know they can always trust him to give them the best help.

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Physical Attributes: Age, Stature, and Weight

Brett Jefferson, who is 52 years old, is the boss and main investment manager and started the company. He’s about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs roughly 72 kg. He knows much about investing money and has done well in his job.

He believes in spreading out investments and always encourages people to put money into different things. He also thinks that growing capital over time is very powerful and has used this idea to raise his money. He’s a clever and successful money investor who has lots of good advice to give to other people.

Essential Details

Actual NameBrett Jefferson
Known AsBrett Jefferson
JobBoss and Main Investment Manager and Starter of Hildene Capital Mgmt LLC
Age52 Years
HeightAbout 5 feet 7 inches
WeightRoughly 72 kg
Wife’s NameSamaria
KidsNo information available
Mom and DadNo information available

Brett Jefferson’s Phone Number and Other Contact Information

Personal WebpageMissing

Final Thoughts

Based on the details provided, it’s clear that Brett Jefferson is a prosperous person with an estimated wealth of about 9.6 million dollars. He made his fortune through his tireless efforts and commitment to his job. His success story shows what can be accomplished when one is determined.

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