Brian G Burns Net Worth 2023 | Age, Height, Weight, Wife

Brian G. Burns is an expert in smart selling, assisting individuals to boost their sales income. His vast experience makes him a trusted figure in the industry. He hosts a well-liked podcast named “The Best of The Brutal Truth about Sales,” which educates listeners about various aspects of sales. Today, we will delve into some lesser-known details about Brian G. Burns, including his net worth, age, height, weight, and personal life.

How Much is Brian G. Burns’s Net Worth?

Brian G. Burns is famous for hosting a podcast called “The Brutal Truth about Sales Podcast.” His estimated fortune is around 10 million dollars, making him one of the richest people in podcasting. Brian often shares his honest and sometimes contentious views on sales, which has resulted in mixed feelings from people in the industry. However, his success as a podcaster is undeniable, and his wealth proves that.

YearTotal MoneyRate of Increase
2022$5 millionUp by 56.25%
2021$3.2 millionUp by 6.66%
2020$3 millionUp by 42.85%
2019$2.1 millionNot available

Brian G. Burns’s Annual Income, Monthly Earnings, and Salary

Brian Cernius earns about 500k USD a year through his podcast. He makes roughly 41.1k USD each month and about 1.3k USD daily. Brian is famous for his distinct podcasting style and talent for selling things on his show.

He’s so popular that he can charge high prices for what he sells. Brian uses his show to reach and sell many people’s products and services. His success lets him live a good life, and he has bought a house, a car, and other fancy things with his money.

  • Income per Year – $500k
  • Income per MonthMonth – $41.1k
  • Income per Day – $1.3k

Beginnings and Family Background

Brian G. Burns is a self-employed person who enjoyed a great childhood. He likes being with his family and buddies, and his parents always backed his goals and hopes. After finishing high school, Brian followed his passion for freelance writing and photography.

Today, he has had the chance to see the world and collaborate with incredible clients. Brian is genuinely enjoying his life to the fullest and cherishes every moment!

Brian G. Burns

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Life Partner

Brian G. Burns is a caring and encouraging spouse to his wife, Eileen. They share a strong bond and always support each other in all situations. They’ve faced many challenges together, but these experiences have only strengthened their relationship. They are each other’s greatest cheerleaders and always stand up for one another.

Academic Background

Brian G. Burns is a software creator for Wave who finished his basic studies at Northeastern University. He continued his education at the same university for his master’s degree and performed exceptionally well. When he has spare time, Brian likes to participate in extra-curricular activities.

This lets him discover fresh hobbies and make new friends. He thinks that learning should never stop, and he’s always looking for chances to gain more knowledge.

Career Journey

Brian G. Burns is an expert podcast seller and a creator of Wave Software. He has served at ‘The Best of The Brutal Truth about Sales Podcast’ and is now involved in Sonic Software. Brian’s journey to his present role was challenging, but his relentless effort and commitment have yielded positive results.

He’s a fantastic software creator and podcast seller with skills that many people want. Brian is a strong addition to any group, and he’s expected to remain an important part of the Sonic Software team.

Physical Attributes: Age, Stature, and Weight

Brian G. Burns, a 60-year-old Wave Software creator, is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 113 kg. He’s been crafting software for more than two decades, and for the last five years, he’s been a member of the Wave Software group.

He’s a talented creator with much experience making software for different systems. He’s a committed and diligent worker who never hesitates to make extra effort to complete the task.

Brian G. Burns

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Essential Details

Actual NameBrian G. Burns
Also Known AsBrian G. Burns
JobSells Podcasts, Freelance Work, Develops Wave Software
Age60 Years Old
HeightStands 6’4″ Tall
WeightWeighs 113 kg
KidsInformation Not Given
ParentsDetails Not Provided

Brian G. Burns’s Phone Number and Other Contact Information

Email IDInformation Not Given
Whatsapp No.Details Not Provided
Discord/Telegram No.Details Not Provided
Personal Web PageInformation Not Given
TikTokInformation Not Given
SnapchatDetails Not Provided

Final Thoughts

Based on the details provided, Brian G. Burns is a prosperous individual with nearly 5 million dollars. He’s amassed his fortune from his career and is a great illustration of a person who has achieved much in life.

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