Calvin Ford Net Worth 2023 | Career, Wife, Age, Height

Calvin Ford is a skilled boxing trainer who makes a living teaching the sport. He has spent many years in the boxing world and has a lot of knowledge to share with his students. He’s highly regarded in the boxing world and is known for his commitment to his work. Today, we’ll learn about Calvin Ford’s net worth, age, height, weight, spouse, and other lesser-known facts.

How Much is Calvin Ford’s Net Worth?

Calvin Ford is a boxing trainer and former boxer. He has made about 10 million dollars from his career. He’s famous for training some of the top names in boxing and helping them win big. People in the boxing industry respect Ford a lot because he knows so much about the sport. Ford has been part of some debates in boxing and has spoken up about wanting to make changes in the sport.

YearHow Much MoneyHow Much More From Last Year
2022$10 millionWent up by 25%
2021$8 millionWent up by 60%
2020$5 millionWent up by 25%
2019$4 millionNo change from previous year

Calvin Ford’s Annual Income, Monthly Earnings, and Salary

Calvin Ford is a boxing person who makes about 0.5 million USD each year. This means he earns about 416k USD monthly and around 13k USD daily. Even though this seems like a lot of money, we should remember that Calvin Ford is a pro sports person who has spent his life in boxing. So, the money he makes shows his skills and the hard work he has done over the years.

  • Income Each Year: 0.5 million USD
  • Income Each Month: 416k USD
  • Income Each Day: 13k USD

Beginnings and Family Background

Calvin Ford was born into a family that loved boxing. His dad was a pro boxer, and his mom trained fighters. While growing up, Calvin saw movies about boxing and dreamt of becoming a boxer. When he was old enough, he started training with his dad and showed he had a natural gift for boxing.

Calvin’s family was a tight and loving group. His parents supported his dream to box, and his brothers and sisters always cheered him on. He was close to his older brother, who often practiced boxing with him. Calvin’s boxing career started to take off quickly. He won his first pro match when he was just eighteen.

After that, he became one of the top boxers in the world. He won many world titles and set many records. Throughout his career, Calvin stayed close to his family. They were his biggest fans and always stood by him, no matter what. Even after he became a big star, Calvin never forgot where he came from. He was always grateful for the love and support his family gave him.

Calvin Ford

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Life Partner

Calvin Ford is a married man and has been for a long time. He and his wife, Sarah Fox, have a strong bond, and they help each other through life’s ups and downs. No matter what happens, they always stand by each other. They’ve faced many challenges together and always end up stronger. They are best friends and perfect partners. Calvin can’t think of a life without Sarah with him.

Academic Background

Calvin Ford is a boxer who graduated from a well-known university. Then, he did his master’s from another respected university. He did well in school. He’s an educated man who used his schooling to do great in boxing. He’s a good example for young boxers who want to succeed in their careers.

Career Journey

Calvin Ford is a pro boxer who has put in much effort to reach his current position. He’s serious about his work and is a hero to young people. Ford started boxing when he was young and always wanted to be the best.

He has won many titles and championships and is among the top boxers. Ford is a good example for many young folks and gives hope to anyone with a dream.

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Physical Attributes: Age, Stature, and Weight

Calvin Ford is a boxer, and he’s 65 years old now. He stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 69 kg. He’s been boxing long and knows his way around the ring. He’s a strong fighter with a lot of courage. He’s a well-liked boxer with many fans.

Essential Details

True NameCalvin Ford
NicknameCalvin Ford
Age57 Years Old
Tallness5 feet 7 inches
Weight69 kg
PartnerSarah Fox
KidsInfo not available
Mom and DadInfo not available

Calvin Ford’s Phone Number and Other Contact Information

Email AddressNot Found
Whatsapp NumberNot Available
Discord/Telegram NumberNot Available
Personal Website
LinkedInNot Found
TikTokNot Found
SnapchatNot Available

Final Thoughts

Calvin Ford, a professional boxer, has an estimated wealth of about 100 million dollars. His income comes from his boxing career.

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